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40th Reunion - a Poem - written April, 2003
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John Skinner
09-18-2003 08:11pm
by John F. Skinner[(c) April 2003]

Our common bond, we are the class of sixty-three.
What was to come was just about to be.

We have triumphed and come close, missed the mark and tried again.
This is the class of63. Somewhere deep down we're all eighteen,

But tempered in the forge of time perhaps a little more resistant.
Forty years, how can it be, it seemed almost instant.

Most of us have changed since graduation.
We've gone or stayed or somehow changed our situation.

Some of us have been to war and some of us protested.
Some of us spent all we had and some have just invested.

Some have worked for meager wages and some were in the news.
Some have been to places that have permanently changed their views.

Some of us are dead now, gone to our final, if not just, reward.
The rest of us, I hope, to other futures still look forward.

At ten years we had hardly changed at all, we still had color in our hair.
At twenty some had wealth and success and most of the rest were doing fair.

At thirty things began to sag and some had kids about to graduate.
At forty to expect too much we could be tempting fate.

Some of us have children, videos and snapshots wall to wall.
We all have memories, sometimes not so great, sometimes we had a ball.

Six years into our history mankind left footprints on the moon.
We haven't adopted star dates yet July stiIl follows June.

Computers have really changed our lives, simple is now complex.
What used to be called an incantation is now called binary syntax.

In spite of electronics and plastics and dot corns the world around.
The obvious is overlooked, the peace we've sought is still unfound.

We've had our days of roses and wine, maybe it was peanuts and beer;
Our moments of jubilation and brief periods of abject fear.

We probably had some cats and dogs or horses or even bees.
And days that hurried by that we tried so hard to seize.

We made some mends who went away and never said good bye.
And people who never gave their names that we always recall with a sigh.

We go back and try to remember those we used to see every day,
Hoping that time has blinded us to things that got in the way.

Some of us were brains, some nerds, red necks, beauties, jocks, or thugs.
Now we're glad to see you here with kisses, handshakes, hugs.

We all have some good times behind us and some good things still undone.
The end is still a mystery, there's still some time for fun.

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