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May 15th, 2003
Bill Leighty
05-16-2003 10:21pm

19:17:55 [steve] Hi Tulsa Slicks! Greetings from Arizona! Steve Thomas checking in...

19:18:58 [steve] Humbling experience...knowing you were nobody then...important now...who knows who cares!!

19:19:32 [steve] Anybody home?

19:21:02 [steve] II see Eastern time is 20:03, Mountain here is 18:03 or 6 pm...you said 8PM Eastern Chat, GO!

19:22:23 [steve] I'll check the web site and come back in a minute...

19:26:11 [steve] Just a reminder - our first chat room is tonight at 9 p.m. eastern time. For the old people in the crowd - go to the website & click on the Class Pub & register for the chat room. Everybody has to do that first. Then figure out what time zone you are in - 8 p.m. in Tulsa & join your classmates.

19:29:37 [steve] I tried to paste a photo to chat room and it didnt go...

19:41:34 Lynne enters this room

19:42:33 [Lynne] Hello! Just wanted to say hello before I race off to FedX. Good luck on this site

19:43:18 Lynne exits from this room

19:43:26 mfpersson enters this room

19:43:33 steve exits from this room

19:43:42 steve enters this room

19:44:26 steve exits from this room

19:53:14 khfraser enters this room

19:53:49 [khfraser] Hi Everybody - I'm checking in

19:55:51 [khfraser] Steve - I don't think photos will go into the chat room - lots of other places to put them on the website.

20:02:21 revbob enters this room

20:02:48 [khfraser] Is this Bob Fellows?

20:03:21 [revbob] sure is

20:04:02 [khfraser] How are you? I will have to tell my mother what you are up to. How's the family?

20:06:34 vint44 enters this room

20:06:35 [revbob] We are all fine. KatieandI are here in Stillwatwer(14 years). She works for the College of Vet Med at OSU. We have one daughter who lives in Tulsa and one in OKC. Nice to have close by with their husbands.

20:07:46 [khfraser] Very nice. My friend Jody Radford, Rob's widow, told me she saw you at the church a few months ago. Do you see Stan Warfield? I can't believe we have two graduates at churches in Stillwater.

20:08:27 [khfraser] Hi Alan - glad you are here.

20:09:46 [khfraser] Alan - Bill Leighty should be getting on in a minute. I know he wants to talk to you. He was on the phone.

20:09:57 steve enters this room

20:10:15 [khfraser] Steve - did you figure out your time zone?

20:10:28 [revbob] Sort of scary isn't it? I see Stan at Rotary meetings very week or so. We didn't know each other too well in school--small world.

20:11:39 [khfraser] Very. I don't know if my mother told you that my husband, Alan, died five years ago of cancer. All of our four kids are here and our seven grandchildren, so that is very nice. They keep me busy

20:12:51 Bill enters this room

20:13:13 [khfraser] Hi Bill. Glad you finally showed up.

20:13:14 [Bill] greetings and salutations eagles and eaglettes

20:13:18 [steve] steve back with other tulsa slicks...James Manring and Janet Rivera (married last reunion, 30th)

20:13:44 [Bill] I had to slip on my smoking jacket for the occassion

20:13:59 [khfraser] We heard from Jim & Janet - very cute reunion story.

20:14:03 [Bill] <- does not smoke

20:14:22 [steve] Bill- dont pass out its only 9 PM!

20:14:28 tweetytiet enters this room

20:14:43 [Bill] I'm usually in bed by now

20:14:48 [Bill] hi linda

20:14:54 [Bill] hi alan

20:14:58 [Bill] hi karen

20:15:00 [Bill] steve

20:15:05 [khfraser] Hey - welcome, Linda. I can't believe I know people from their email name.

20:15:09 [Bill] who is dis revbob?

20:15:23 [steve] From reading the deceased list, we are all lucky to be sitting up in a chair!?

20:15:34 [khfraser] Bob Fellows - in from Stillwater

20:15:50 [Bill] <- makes sign of the cross

20:16:01 [khfraser] Actually - out of over 650, there aren't too many deceased

20:16:31 [steve] Why mostly women?

20:17:02 mfpersson1 enters this room

20:17:19 [khfraser] you mean the deceased? I don't know. A couple were killed in car accidents right after high school. Some cancer victims.

20:17:21 tweetytie enters this room

20:17:23 [steve] Karen congratulations on the great web site!

20:18:00 [Bill] hi marshall

20:18:01 [khfraser] Hi Marshall - I just got back from dinner with Tucky, Jody, Caroline, Susan Mc & Judy Wolfe. Celebrating birthdays.

20:18:36 [steve] Alan Vint...I keep seeing you and Jess Vint in many movies...

20:18:57 [khfraser] Give Bill credit. He handles the day to day stuff & the setup, we both scan, I monitor the names & have the email and mailing list. It's now getting to the fun part. Entering the names was the worst.

20:18:58 [Bill] don't wake him

20:19:22 [khfraser] did you see that Alan has a new movie? Alan - you are awfully quiet.

20:20:22 [khfraser] Linda - thanks for all your help - what else are you doing these days?

20:20:39 [Bill] yes...thanks linda

20:20:40 [steve] Mike Manring and Janet Riveria (on the phone without computer in Az), said they got married 1yr exactly from the Jun 26 30 yr reunion. Said they didnt know each other in HS!

20:21:21 linda enters this room

20:21:39 [khfraser] I know - isn't that great! I can't believe they never met at Edison. I guess since I knew them both I thought everybody did.

20:22:12 [steve] Alan wont admit it was a porno movie!

20:22:19 [khfraser] Tell Jim & Janet Hi.

20:22:25 [Bill] I am trying to figure out why some in the room have a little icon and others don't

20:22:37 [Bill] Linda, are you here?

20:22:44 [Bill] Alan, are you here?

20:23:09 [khfraser] the computer doesn't know what sex they are? I pushed the help button & decided I need to take a class in chat rooms.

20:23:45 [Bill] oh man... I hate to read the directions, do I have ta?

20:24:29 [steve] Karen: Some ideas for you to delegate: Make a list of all projects you would like to delegate on the opening web page? We could all sign in and help?

20:24:49 [khfraser] Bill - can we do the chat room at any time - or just designated times? This is definitely a new experience. My son goes into one for cancer survivors on yahoo everyday & talks to people all over the world.

20:25:05 [Bill] anytime

20:25:17 [Bill] open 24 hours

20:25:25 [khfraser] thanks, Steve. We could put it under news. I know Bill wants moderators for some of the site aeas - Bill? explain

20:25:43 [Bill] when any of you visit the site, check in... who knows, somebody might be waiting to chat

20:25:49 [steve] I liked the imposed time limit...pretty much forced us to hold for this chat?

20:26:14 aoakes1@co enters this room

20:26:34 [khfraser] It's a good idea to have a regular time. Hi Ann. Anybody have any questions about the reunion plans?

20:26:43 [steve] Suggestion: Post the actual next chat...let them read this one to catch up?

20:26:52 [Bill] greetings aoakes

20:27:34 [khfraser] That's Ann Dickson - right? Bill - doesn't the transcript from this chat stay on for a few days for people to add to? I read that somewhere.

20:28:13 vint44 enters this room

20:28:20 [khfraser] Alan, Linda, Marshall - are you just eavesdropping? Speak Up! Or do you just type slowly?

20:28:41 [Bill] welcome back alan

20:28:42 [khfraser] Alan - we've been talking about you while you were gone.

20:29:02 [vint44] I had trouble getting in

20:29:24 [vint44] so is Linda. I am going to go back and see if I can help her

20:29:31 [khfraser] How's our big hollywood star?

20:29:39 [Bill] how come Alan doesn't have an icon Karen (ms read the directions person)?

20:29:57 [khfraser] not a clue

20:30:25 [Bill] and the boys have boy icons and the girls girl icons, how convenient

20:30:44 [Bill] Hey Alan, how is the fundraising coming for the next movie?

20:31:03 [khfraser] maybe that's why Alan & Linda can't get in - they haven't designated a sex - want to tell us anything?

20:31:20 [Bill] hmmmmm

20:31:45 [aoakes1@co] Hi,This is Anne Dickson Oakes in OKC. You guys are doing a fantastic job with all of this!

20:31:51 [khfraser] Ann - are you there?

20:32:16 [steve] Sounds like Alan has been in Hollywood long enough to become a he/she?

20:32:22 [aoakes1@co] Yes, I hope you are receiving my messages.

20:32:29 [khfraser] Ann - were you near the tornado?

20:32:45 [vint44] I was trying to help Linda

20:33:06 [khfraser] always the ladies' man

20:33:13 [Bill] Hi Anne

20:33:34 [aoakes1@co] I was just 1 mile away. My two daughters were in Moore and on I35. Everyone was OK and no house damage. We sure get alot of them over here.

20:33:49 [Bill] Thanks to all for showing up for our first chat session, it is all very excting to reconnect with all of you

20:34:15 [aoakes1@co] Hi Bill. Great to talk to you all.

20:34:26 [steve] Hurricanes out here...Ben Lauden and the Iraq squad out here...

20:34:39 [khfraser] Glad you are ok. Seems like a bunch lately.

20:35:11 [khfraser] In Arizona? Isn't that where you are, Steve? Hurricanes?

20:35:19 [aoakes1@co] How is our classmate that is the Ambassador to Saudi?

20:35:48 [steve] where is the runion? at Edison?

20:35:57 [Bill] hopefully he is safe...

20:36:29 [steve] Yea Scottsdale...102 degrees

20:36:39 [khfraser] I saw Bob on the Today show yesterday & emailed him. I didn't ask if his wife is still there with him - he married Ann Turner, Edison .'64. He emailed me back & said he hoped to see me at the reunion. I guess they keep him safe in the embassy.

20:36:44 [Bill] friday night at a downtown venue, sat at Tulsa Country Club

20:36:59 [aoakes1@co] I hope that we are going to have those great name tags with photos on them. Sure would help us old folks!!

20:37:11 [Bill] sat morning coffee at edison

20:37:14 [khfraser] anything you want to do at the reunion?

20:37:33 [vint44] still trying to help Linda

20:37:38 linda enters this room

20:38:00 [vint44] neither one of us could get in on the aol browser

20:38:01 [khfraser] Definitely nametags with pictures - how else would we recognize everyone?

20:38:15 [aoakes1@co] I loved our assembly from last time. I would love anything that enables us to mingle.

20:38:22 [steve] Would love to see a big power point presention playing in the background?

20:38:32 [khfraser] well - you two are here now. From California & Atlanta.

20:38:54 [vint44] Linda: are you in?

20:38:56 [aoakes1@co] That would be super.

20:39:32 [khfraser] We will have to see about the assembly. Terry Heineman died & Jon Bascom feels sad about coming back. We are talking about playing the old slides & videos on Friday night.

20:39:47 [steve] Who is in Atlanta? Can you find Paul Peterson in Atlanta?

20:40:09 [khfraser] Linda Hubbard is in Atlanta

20:40:34 [aoakes1@co] I didn't realize he passed away, he was a great guy. I can understand how he feels.

20:41:19 [aoakes1@co] Is Linda still married. We were good friends in high school. I would love to Email her.

20:41:42 [steve] I remember Linda Hubbard as the most beautifully changed of anyone at the 30th!

20:42:36 [khfraser] We will do something nostalgic & fun. Jon has a video that he is supposed to send me. I think John Crain may have some stuff. Linda is on the site now - I think. Ann - could you look John Crain up in the OKC phone book? He was there last. Jim Lee is supposed to still be in Norman.

20:42:37 [steve] Bill: The decesed tab on the opening web site only shows 3 people?

20:42:56 [aoakes1@co] She is a neat person. My brother married Charles Sheltons sister and they graduated in 66.

20:43:30 [khfraser] We haven't heard from Charlie & KayKay. I have been mailing them info.

20:43:47 [steve] alan-do you ever see ted shackelford? The other hs movie star?

20:43:49 [vint44] Hello room

20:43:55 [vint44] don't know where she is

20:44:39 [vint44] I saw Ted about 12 years ago?

20:44:44 [khfraser] This is pretty funny - a bunch of old people trying to figure how to do this. We are doing pretty well, considering.

20:44:49 [aoakes1@co] I will Email my sister in law tonight and have her tell them. Thats Susan his sister and she will see them Saturday night. I am also looking in the phone book right now.

20:44:56 [vint44] maybe 15

20:45:38 [vint44] the problem I had was in using aol, I had to read the notes at the bottom of the screen and switch browsers

20:46:08 [khfraser] anybody you want to ask about? I have emails for about 130 classmates & addresses for over 350.

20:46:34 [linda] hello

20:46:39 [vint44] linda does not know how to do that, so I am trying to explain it to her

20:46:42 [aoakes1@co] Do you know Jim Lee's wifes name or if he is an attorney. There are several Jim Lee's.

20:46:45 [vint44] there she is

20:46:59 [khfraser] Hi Linda - EVERYBODY is looking for you.

20:47:06 [steve] bill and karen: Do you need an Master of Ceremony chairman? I could do or better yet, Phil Hope, the original Edison MC is here in Arizona re development...we could bring him back too (1 yr older, silver hair)

20:47:22 [khfraser] He's not an attorney.

20:47:34 [linda] hey allan I got in!

20:47:38 [Bill] ha ha, linda

20:47:55 [khfraser] Can Phil Hope still sing 'Scotch & Soda'? I still remember that from an old assembly.

20:47:56 [linda] HI Everybody!

20:49:09 [aoakes1@co] Hi Linda. Its Anne Dickson. Remember me? How are you?

20:49:14 [khfraser] I have a feeling Jon Bascom will come back. He is the chief anchor for ABC news radio out of Washington, D.C. I hear him on the radio here. Unless there's a national or world crisis, I think he will come.

20:49:47 [khfraser] Ann, I will find out more about Jim Lee & let you know.

20:49:50 [Bill] you will be pleased to know I plan to attend even if we have a world crisis

20:50:16 [linda] Hi How ya doin'?

20:50:35 [vint44] Bill: to answer your question - raising money for the film is a long and uncertain process

20:50:37 [Bill] we are doing fine Linda.... and you?

20:50:52 [vint44] In other words - I don't have a clue

20:51:02 [aoakes1@co] I am doing great. 3 grown kids, 7 grandkids and a great husband. How about you?

20:51:04 [Bill] well, Alan, put me down for at least $20

20:51:32 [khfraser] I talked to Gordon Groom last week - didn't get an email. He has a 9 year old daughter. Jon Bascom has a 13 year old daughter. I have a 6 year old grandson - some guys started late. Actually, Gordon has two sons in their 30s from his first marriage.

20:51:32 [vint44] better off to spend that on dinner

20:51:51 [khfraser] maybe we could hold a class garage sale for Alan

20:52:01 [vint44] at least you would get something for your money

20:52:07 [Bill] you can buy dinner for $20?

20:52:21 [vint44] I need about 500K

20:52:24 [linda] I've been single since 1979! (widowed) One daughter 38 years old.

20:52:27 [vint44] for one

20:52:28 [steve] Last time I talked to Jim Lee he was an appraiser in Norman, Jim Manring here said he later was in oil and gas in OKC 7 yrs ago. His dad was an attorney.

20:52:35 [Bill] what kind of money does it take to make a decent independent film these days, Alan?

20:52:40 [khfraser] well - a really big garage sale

20:52:59 [vint44] this one I could do for around 500K

20:53:19 [vint44] they are all different, different budgets, demands etc

20:53:27 [Bill] no small change

20:53:37 [vint44] the last one was around 500 to 600

20:53:44 [Bill] how much for talent, how much for production?

20:54:00 [vint44] on mine?

20:54:07 [khfraser] What's 'Reversal' about, Alan? I haven't had time - due to this website - to go to your website.

20:54:17 [Bill] Linda has one VEEEEERY beautiful daughter....

20:54:19 [vint44] on Reversal, we had no 'name' actors

20:54:25 [Bill] yes....

20:54:31 [khfraser] big surprise

20:54:34 [vint44] the talent was cheap.....

20:54:49 [khfraser] But I have three beautiful daughter and a great looking son

20:54:49 [Bill] I'm available....

20:54:53 [vint44] actors got one hundred a day or something

20:55:03 [linda] can we print this 'chat ' so we can read it later and thanks Bill!

20:55:14 [khfraser] not bad, Bill.

20:55:19 [vint44] Karen: it was a father and son story

20:55:35 [Bill] I'm not sure if you can print it...but you can see it

20:55:41 [Bill] go to help....

20:55:42 [vint44] eck out the website...

20:55:46 [linda] how can we ever see your film, Alan?

20:55:58 [vint44] chech

20:56:01 [steve] alan- keep up the movie dialog and we're all in the business

20:56:04 [khfraser] Is this the wrestling movie you brought to Tulsa? Wasn't that a father-son story?

20:56:06 [vint44] check

20:56:08 [Bill] see the trailer on his website

20:56:14 [vint44] whew

20:56:19 [aoakes1@co] I m on the phone with John Crain.

20:56:37 [khfraser] We need to get Alan a little boy icon. I'm worried about him.

20:56:38 [vint44] yes, it played in Tulsa

20:56:55 [khfraser] Tell John Hi. How fun. Get his email.

20:57:31 [Bill] hows Dad Alan?

20:57:50 [khfraser] Poor Ann is talking & doing research at the same time. You guys are great.

20:57:55 [vint44] not the best subject matter for a chat room

20:58:11 [steve] This is fun...I just right clicked, pressed print, will send this to other tulsa slicks...

20:58:27 [vint44] So, Bill, are you living up on Grand Lake?

20:58:37 [Bill] of course not, sorry

20:58:52 [vint44] no problem

20:59:10 [khfraser] We will have to spread the word about this - it is kind of fun. I never wanted to chat with strangers, but old friends are fun.

20:59:12 [aoakes1@co] John Crain said that Paul Hamilton is deceased.

20:59:23 [khfraser] Pete Churchwell is living at the lake.

20:59:34 [vint44] I shot Pete Churchwell an email, he is up there

20:59:44 [khfraser] Sorry about Paul. Sweet boy.

21:00:00 [linda] yes he was!

21:00:02 [vint44] got an email from Pete McIntyre but then did not see him on the class list

21:00:45 [steve] Do you mean Paul Peterson or Hamilton?

21:01:00 [linda] yeah what's up w/Pete..he emailed me and I answered but haven't heard back yet

21:01:08 [aoakes1@co] Hamilton.

21:01:14 [vint44] I have not heard back, either

21:01:23 [Bill] I'm at 21st and Florence Pl, across from Florence Park tennis courts

21:01:25 [khfraser] This list drives me crazy. Do you have Pete's email for me so I can add him? Everyday I find someone I left off. I think some disappear from my lists - I know I had them there.

21:01:35 [steve] Robert Livingston is a maxiofacial surgeon at grand lake

21:01:40 [vint44] He said, 'Hi. Hang in there.' And that was it

21:02:22 [khfraser] Pete works in Oklahoma City & is there part of the time & then goes to the lake. I have his office & home emails somewhere. Mr. Churchwell's secretary sent them to me. He's a bigshot.

21:02:49 [Bill] oh ya, WAY big shot

21:02:52 [khfraser] Actually, I saw him earlier this year & he looked great. He is the same old Pete with a big title.

21:03:21 [linda] who is the big shot? Pete or Churchwell?

21:03:37 [Bill] huh?

21:03:38 [khfraser] T. D. Churchwell to the peons.

21:03:43 [aoakes1@co] Ok. Just hung up with John. He said that Paul passed away years ago. He and I both know that Pat Reynolds was in Edmond, where I live, but we haven't seen him aroo=und in a few years and there are several in the phonebook. Maybe I will call them all just like I did with John and say did you go to

21:04:38 [Bill] I found John Stambaugh.... he has registered

21:04:40 [linda] I thought ya'll meant Pete McIntyre

21:04:56 [Bill] he lives in Colorado, and is in the cattle business

21:05:05 [khfraser] I will try and find some of the people we haven't heard from who are in that area & send it to you. Same for some other cities. I do have a life away from the website, believe it or not. Actually, it's talking to Bill about the website.

21:05:09 [steve] Are any of the old hs social clubs still alive? I loved animal house...'thanks sir may I have another' (swat)

21:05:17 [aoakes1@co] Email address for John is johncrain@aol.com.

21:05:24 [Bill] hee hee

21:06:02 [khfraser] We have talked about both Petes. McIntyre is in Tulsa. Churchwell is in OKC & at lake. Churchwell is the big shot.

21:06:28 [linda] thanks for clearing that up Karen

21:06:31 [vint44] are you saying that Pete Churchwell did okay?

21:06:53 [Bill] can you believe it...?

21:07:02 [vint44] what did Churchwell get into?

21:07:12 [khfraser] I love John Stambaugh's email 'totalsuccess' Having known him since grade school, it's good to know how he's doing?

21:07:14 [Bill] He became the president of our Utility Company

21:07:27 [Bill] formerly PSO, Public Service Co

21:07:33 [steve] aoakes1@co] did you say Paul Peterson died?

21:07:36 [Bill] now Sold to AEP

21:07:38 [vint44] Churchwell was a good guy

21:08:05 [khfraser] Churchwell is still a good guy - just as great as ever!

21:08:07 [Bill] did you see the pic of Pete and I in the looking back section Alan?

21:08:21 [Bill] a couple of skinny boys with bow legs

21:08:26 [vint44] no

21:08:37 [khfraser] Are we talking about Paul Peterson, the actor from the Donna Reed Show?

21:08:46 [aoakes1@co] Karen- John said that Jim Lee lived in Norman. Is that the info you have. If so. there is one in Norman but no answer.

21:09:14 [Bill] You know, all of you people need to upload a present day photo in our Look at Us Now section...

21:09:24 [khfraser] Yes. Jody Radford (Rob's widow) told me tonight that Jim is still in Norman.

21:10:05 [steve] Jim lee was an appraiser in norman...I think we may be closing in on another suspect.

21:10:14 [khfraser] If you don't know how to upload photos, Bill & I are becoming experts. Email or send them to us.

21:10:23 [vint44] linda: you are being very quiet down there

21:10:39 [Bill] I thought Franci would be here...

21:10:48 [khfraser] This is so great to have a nationwide committee. Pat Murphy is in Wales & has looked online for people for me.

21:10:52 [aoakes1@co] I will keep trying, but the number for the only Noman person is 405/329-1481

21:10:53 [Bill] she posted her picture

21:10:59 [khfraser] which Franci?

21:11:05 [linda] I had a phone call but I'm reading

21:11:22 [khfraser] Franci Yeagers. She looked good.

21:11:34 [vint44] what book are you reading?

21:11:36 [Bill] Yeagers

21:11:59 [Bill] want to run our book club Linda?

21:11:59 [vint44] Bill: you are living in Tulsa?

21:12:11 [khfraser] Alan - I found a cute picture of you from junior high - maybe I will post it.

21:12:16 [Bill] Yes, 21st & Florence Pl..

21:12:27 [steve] Paul Peterson in Atlanta...who (above) said 'Paul died a long time ago...' Paul Peterson or Peter Paul and Mary?

21:12:32 [aoakes1@co] How many times have all of you had to pull out the last yearbook to look up names and pictures?

21:12:46 [vint44] You are testing me...

21:12:47 [linda] hey Bill or Karen did you know you can go to the Library and if you have a name and one other info on ID you can find names /info in their crisscross directory

21:12:48 [Bill] who me?

21:12:54 [khfraser] It's become my life.

21:13:30 [vint44] trying to remember exactly where that is...

21:13:52 [aoakes1@co] Was our Paul Peterson the one that was married to Jane Ann Jayroe for awhile?

21:14:00 [vint44] Near Utica Square?

21:14:11 [Bill] I have been married 31 years, have a step son who is 38, a daughter who is 28, and a son who is 26

21:14:15 [khfraser] I have gone online to look for people, but most of my time is spent answering emails & updating names on the website. Other people have been better at looking people up. I did find Jim Carley online.

21:14:41 [Bill] do you remember the florence park tennis courts... closer to harvard, I live near there

21:14:50 [linda] I find mine very useful now..that I found it Bill

21:15:04 [vint44] Yes

21:15:06 [vint44] thanks

21:15:12 [vint44] a very long time

21:15:18 [khfraser] My son told me that he & Bill's daughter had a 'thing' in high school. Scary. I didn't ask what a 'thing' was.

21:15:40 [Bill] LOL.....

21:15:52 [vint44] that thing has probably not changed too much

21:15:58 [Bill] <- does not want to know about 'things'

21:16:02 [khfraser] I don't know about Paul Peterson.

21:16:33 [vint44] everyone knows about the lunar ecliipse?

21:16:52 [Bill] tonight?

21:16:58 [Bill] had no clue

21:17:02 [steve] to aoakes1@co]: Not sure Paul Peteron was married to Jane Ann Jayroe but he lived at 41st/Harvard in 63...went to OU, graduated, havent seen in 35 yrs...moved to Atlanta...SOMEONE said he died? Did he?

21:17:04 [linda] is there a time limit on the chat room thing?

21:17:05 [vint44] You guys should be able to see it right now

21:17:06 [khfraser] I know better than to ask details from my kids. Is the eclipse tonight? It's cloudy here.

21:17:14 [aoakes1@co] I just realized that it was you Bob. My parents bought your house on 36th. Right? And I used to run around with Karen Irons, my best friend.

21:17:32 [vint44] full lunar eclipse

21:17:38 [khfraser] I don't think we have a time limit. Are you ready to go?

21:18:02 [khfraser] Ann - how did Karen die?

21:18:07 [vint44] tonight, yes

21:18:36 [Bill] do you have children Alan?

21:18:49 [linda] no just woneredd

21:18:51 [vint44] three girls

21:18:55 [khfraser] last night we had a beautiful full moon - can't see now

21:19:00 [steve] No lunar eclipse going on here...Sun bright, 102 degrees

21:19:11 [vint44] I skipped a generation so they are fairly young

21:19:12 [Bill] thanks Steve, we needed that

21:19:20 [Bill] ha ha

21:19:26 [vint44] 21, 16, and 13

21:19:32 [Bill] define fairly

21:19:34 [linda] where are you Steve?

21:19:47 [Bill] boys, girls?

21:19:53 [aoakes1@co] Karen used to sing in a coffe house in California. Joan Biaz kind of music. On her way home she lost control of the car and crashed into a building. She was 24. I think about her all the time. She was cremated and ashes scattered over the ocean. Her son Boyd was raised by her parents.

21:19:57 [khfraser] Alan - that's great. I bet you are in a new world after growing up in a family of boys.

21:20:09 [vint44] all girls

21:20:41 [vint44] yes, new world

21:20:42 [Bill] sorry, but who are we talking about, Karen who?

21:20:51 [Bill] no way, really, 3 girls....

21:20:55 [Bill] wow,

21:20:57 [khfraser] I am so sorry about Karen - that beautiful voice. I didn't realize she died so young. One of our classmates committed suicide - I can't remember which one.

21:21:14 [vint44] there was not a Vint boy for four generations

21:21:23 [steve] scottsdale, arizona

21:21:39 [khfraser] Karen Irons

21:21:41 [vint44] now I know why they mystified me when I was young

21:21:57 [Bill] you were a rebel Alan

21:21:59 [aoakes1@co] Irons. She and Micheal Earl both had the great voices. Remember?

21:22:05 [Bill] we all were

21:22:10 [khfraser] I remember you were pretty good with the chicks.

21:22:21 crechwen enters this room

21:22:27 [Bill] are proud of it I might add...

21:22:30 [vint44] what?

21:22:37 [vint44] this is news to me

21:22:40 [Bill] greeting crechwen

21:22:45 [linda] who was good w/chicks?

21:22:48 [khfraser] Yes - Karen & Michael have both died & it makes me sad. They were wonderfully talented. I guess we were fortunate to enjoy them while they were young.

21:23:05 [khfraser] Alan was good with chick.

21:23:11 [Bill] it's news that you were a rebel? OH PLEASE

21:23:14 [khfraser] that's chicks

21:23:23 [aoakes1@co] Yes they were. Micheal went to Juliard.

21:23:33 [linda] I always thought he was too!

21:23:38 [khfraser] Welcome - is that you, Pat, checking in?

21:23:45 [vint44] no, not that people thought I was a Rebel, even though it wasn't true

21:24:11 [vint44] Karen: you have me confused with somebody else

21:24:29 [crechwen] Yep, it's me, Pat Murphy.

21:24:30 [khfraser] I remember you as a great guy - we had a good time playing golf together when we were younger.

21:24:36 [Bill] Hi Pat

21:24:39 [linda] No she doesn't You were!

21:24:53 [vint44] well, thanks.....

21:24:56 [khfraser] Hi Pat - are you in Wales? And what are you doing there?

21:24:59 [crechwen] Hi.

21:25:12 [vint44] funny how people remember things

21:25:12 [Bill] remember the red jackets Alan?

21:25:21 [Bill] James Dean revisited?

21:25:26 [vint44] the James Dean jacket

21:25:29 [vint44] sure

21:25:41 [Bill] Alan wss OUR James Dean

21:25:41 [vint44] wish I had one now, those were great jackets

21:25:43 [crechwen] Nope. That's just my web-based e-mail. Been in Canada for 35 years. Toronto.

21:25:57 [khfraser] Alan - you looked like James Dean, come to think about it.

21:26:13 [vint44] you guys are nuts

21:26:17 [crechwen] Alan, did you go to Barnard for grade school?

21:26:20 [khfraser] What do you do in Toronto?

21:26:21 [Bill] pronounce About please Pat

21:26:37 [vint44] your memories are getting blurred by romanticising the past

21:26:46 [Bill] for security purposes

21:26:46 [vint44] I did got to Barnard

21:26:53 [aoakes1@co] I went to Barnard in 2nd grade.So did Jerry First.

21:26:53 [crechwen] A boat, eh.

21:27:03 [Bill] as if Alan is a romantic....

21:27:16 [khfraser] Well - I'm old. Everything looks better looking back.

21:27:17 [crechwen] I'm a freelance book editor.

21:27:22 [Bill] I mean as if Alan 'isn't a romantic'

21:27:30 [vint44] did you go to Barnard?

21:27:38 [crechwen] What is 'for security purposes'?

21:27:48 [khfraser] what type of books do you write?

21:28:03 [Bill] Well, you might be a Canadian spy

21:28:28 [Bill] trying to sneak across the border

21:28:33 [crechwen] Alan, I did go to Barnard till third grade. We're you in Miss White and Miss McDonald's kindergarten class?

21:28:46 [linda] Bill did u see my statement about the criss-cross directory?

21:28:46 [Bill] if you say 'aboot'....

21:28:51 [khfraser] Do we have 'for security purposes' somewhere? Ask Bill

21:28:58 [Bill] then we might all get a little paranoid

21:29:13 [aoakes1@co] Has anybody heard from Margo Altman. I went to school with her back at Eisenhower then Edison. She was living in Colorado.

21:29:20 [khfraser] Jerry First also went to Holland Hall with me at some time in elementary school.

21:29:20 [Bill] yes, Linda.... I did

21:29:27 [vint44] I don't remember - too much brain damage

21:29:30 [Bill] I think you just signed up for new duty Linda

21:29:33 [crechwen] At 21:26:53 Bill sent a message saying 'for security purposes'.

21:30:18 [Bill] ok, just for the record, Pat....it was a JOKE....

21:30:27 [crechwen] I crossed the border last September for a Clan McIntyre gathering and got checked about six times.

21:30:29 [khfraser] I hear from Margo all the time now. She was travelling a little while ago. She is planning to come to the reunion. I think she is in Utah? I'd have to look it over.

21:30:38 [aoakes1@co] Has Jerry responded to your letters, Karen?

21:30:39 [linda] did anyone out there go to Holmes elementary

21:30:49 [khfraser] Don't kid them, Bill. He is the website security guard.

21:30:59 [crechwen] Bill, I thought I'd lost the thread.

21:31:06 [khfraser] Haven't heard from Jerry at all.

21:31:53 [Bill] So, Steve... are you ready to get some new music for us?

21:32:01 [vint44] Karen: you live in Tulsa?

21:32:03 [linda] what about Tony Hazen?

21:32:09 [khfraser] Caroline Owens said she might log on - but she had to watch the season finale of 'ER.' I taped it. She said to say Hi.

21:32:26 [Bill] I spent two hours last night, trying to get some new notes....we need help, repeat HELP

21:32:37 [aoakes1@co] Forgot that was on. Darn.

21:32:38 [Bill] download MIDI files and send them to me

21:32:53 [crechwen] New notes on what?

21:33:08 [khfraser] I had dinner with Tucky Hazen tonight. Tony is here somewhere. Their kids are terrific - their youngest daughter is getting married at the end of the month. Tucky & Tony have been divorced for years.

21:33:10 [Bill] our jukebox

21:33:20 [Bill] that plays music when you visit a new page

21:34:06 [linda] What about Jim McAninch or something like that??

21:34:13 [steve] So Bill, I egged you on for music of the 60s then had to turn it off...little to honky?! Ill find the 'greatest hits of the 60s' and email midi file?

21:34:24 [aoakes1@co] Bob- have you heard from Marshall Stiles or Dariel Davis?

21:34:32 [khfraser] Alan - I still live in Tulsa. Haven't moved to far - but I traveled a lot. My husband & I were lucky and got to go a lot of places at a young age. Makes me glad I have no regrets now that he is gone.

21:34:37 [Bill] oh yes... thank you, thank you, thank you Steve

21:35:03 [crechwen] Which Steve is that?

21:35:07 [vint44] great

21:35:15 [khfraser] Haven't heard from Dariel. Marshall is quite ill, from what I heard from Jenny McCravey. She saw him or heard about it at a Rice U. reunion.

21:35:46 [crechwen] Can I change my user name to Canadian Spy?

21:36:04 [khfraser] I like it - we need a classmate with mystery.

21:36:12 [Bill] by all means...

21:36:44 [crechwen] Except that since I've already confessed, it's not very mysterious.

21:37:03 [vint44] drop the Canadian part

21:37:04 [Bill] just try to act natural Pat....


21:37:18 [khfraser] I got Jim McAninch's email or address from someone. Haven't heard from him. I can't get everyone I have emails for to post them on the website. I wish we had emails for everyone - saves on the mailings.

21:37:21 [Bill] perhaps nobody will notice the strange accent

21:37:50 [crechwen] Rival School Spy? Rogers?

21:38:01 [linda] Karen do u want me to post another message on classmates?

21:38:04 [Bill] I would like to know where the other illustrious members of our esteemed reunion committe are?

21:38:17 [aoakes1@co] Karen did you get that one I sent you for John?

21:38:18 [vint44] so Karen: it sounds as though you are the den mother of this website?

21:38:31 [Bill] I think we are gonna have to do some ass whuppin

21:38:39 [khfraser] You can check out Central Class of 63's website - http://www.homestead.com/CentralHSClassof63.com

21:39:04 [linda] K..will u send me jims email? or can u dothat? I mean is that against the rules?

21:39:05 [khfraser] Den mother doesn't even describe it. Honest - I do have a life.

21:39:43 [khfraser] I will do it later. He probably won't mind.

21:40:02 [vint44] When I was back there in Tulsa, about six weeks ago, I ran into Bobby Riggs

21:40:09 [crechwen] Strange accent? After all, it's a Tulsa accent, not a Brooklyn accent.

21:40:17 [khfraser] I don't know what Central's website is flashing & not showing up. It's not as cool as ours.

21:40:19 [Bill] how do you guys like our new 'Eagle' banner on the front page?

21:40:32 [linda] Diane Stanley has moved yo Atlanta..did u know that?

21:40:46 [khfraser] http://www.homestead.com/CentralHSClassof63.com

21:41:01 [vint44] Jim Davis. Jerry Poe. Judie James... what a night

21:41:06 [crechwen] How do I check out Central's class of '63 website?

21:41:13 [khfraser] Yes - Derrylyn Deardorff Churchwell sent me her address.

21:41:33 [aoakes1@co] It looks great, so does the whole website. I would like Diane's E-mail if you can get it.

21:42:16 [steve] khfraser: I liked your blanket email test to everyone on your email list...great idea to network everyone with one click? What do you all think of the idea?

21:42:39 [khfraser] I keep typing in the Central website & it doesn't show up - really a rival school mystery. I will send it later. It's fun to see some of our friends. I was pleasantly surprised to see a cute picture of my husband ( who was in that class) I had never seen.

21:42:48 [Bill] yes Karen... very interesting indeed....testing, helloooooooooooo

21:43:42 [steve] bill: Cant you save this chat session on this date for a long time for others to read? Then they could pick up where we left off for the next chat session?

21:43:43 [khfraser] That was a crazy error. I have everyone on an email list that I can send with one click. We could do it from the website, but not everyone wants their email known. Or they haven't given me permission.

21:44:04 [vint44] so everyone gets together once a month, on the 15th? Is that the deal?

21:44:11 [crechwen] Karen, are you the only one who can log on to Central's website?

21:44:28 [khfraser] Ask Bill. We can get online anytime.

21:45:15 [crechwen] Bill, can anyone other than you and Karen log on to Central's website?

21:45:24 [khfraser] You could do a search for Tulsa Central Class of 1963. It is homestead.com/CentralHSClassof63

21:45:24 [vint44] Bill: I think I read that there is a monthly chat? On the 15th?

21:45:52 [Bill] Theres is a password protected site

21:45:54 [aoakes1@co] What about Rogers website?

21:45:55 [vint44] Is that correct?

21:46:07 [khfraser] That time I got it to print. Add http://www. before the homestead & you should get it.

21:46:18 [Bill] the 15th, we will always try to be here, but anybody can log on and chat at any time

21:46:24 [khfraser] that's http://www

21:46:28 [vint44] great

21:46:38 [linda] good idea to print our chats and 'use' them later at the reunion somehow

21:46:42 [Bill] when you go the the Pub page, click help, it will explain everything

21:47:03 [khfraser] My God - just print what you usually put before websites - the three ws and a dot. I hate computers sometimes

21:47:45 [vint44] Well, it was good talking to everyone. Time for me to go to work. So, keep healthy and good talking to you.

21:48:04 [khfraser] The website says this chat will be on for three days, I think.

21:48:14 [Bill] Thanks Alan, hope to see you again soon,

21:48:16 [linda] Bye Alan

21:48:18 [khfraser] Bye, Alan. Talk to you soon.

21:48:35 [aoakes1@co] Bye, Alan

21:48:43 [vint44] Bye for now.....

21:49:23 [steve] I hope you can save this chat for a longer period then 72 hrs?

21:49:26 [Bill] Is Bob still with us?

21:49:37 [crechwen] Hah! Central might require a password, but anybody can read the guest book.

21:49:42 [linda] 3 days! Good grief!

21:49:47 [khfraser] Did you all get that? Type the 3w's and a dot and then homestead.com/CentralHSClassof63. Ours is easier to remember. I don't know why this won't show up when I type it the regular way.

21:50:18 [steve] Great Talking to Tulsa Slicks~Bye from Arizona Steve Thomas

21:50:30 [khfraser] Central's requires a password to get into the emails. Otherwise, you can look around. Not as much fun stuff as ours. Bye, Steve

21:50:35 [Bill] Should we send our chats to the National Archives in D.C. Steve?

21:50:35 steve exits from this room

21:50:55 [Bill] oopss

21:51:05 [khfraser] Yeah - this is history making.

21:51:24 [Bill] okay guys.... I don't want you to get too excited, but I thought you might want to know, I am not wearing any shoes....

21:51:42 [Bill] try to control yourself

21:51:52 [khfraser] me neither. Bill & I have gotten very close. His wife doesn't mind.

21:52:02 [crechwen] Central's guest book shows the e-mail addresses of those who've left comments. That also means those evil bot things can harvest the addresses for spammers.

21:52:05 [linda] what about inviting the class of 62 and   to our reunion? Bye Steve

21:52:23 [Bill] we are tweedle dee, and tweedle dumb, right Linda? LOL

21:52:48 [linda] I hardlly ever wear those things

21:52:52 [aoakes1@co] Mom said that Charlie Shelton recently had heart surgery.

21:53:08 [khfraser] Anyone can come. Class of 62 had a reunion last year. We can invite whoever we want. Jody Radford & Tucky Hazen are coming - my dates.

21:53:17 [linda] Right Bill ..what does that mean??

21:53:49 [khfraser] Really. Jim Holliday is quite ill - I understand he might not make it much longer. Cancer that has come back.

21:54:00 [Bill] it has NO meaning... tee hee

21:54:07 [Bill] I'm just goofy

21:54:21 [linda] Is anyone out there on the East coast?

21:54:30 [Bill] I meant to say Karen and I....

21:54:40 [Bill] for being the web master and mistress

21:54:52 [khfraser] Mistress?

21:54:52 [linda] yes ..that must be why I always liked u!

21:55:14 [Bill] I feel like I have dug myself into a hole here

21:55:17 [Bill] HELP

21:55:19 [khfraser] I don't think anyone from the East Coast logged on tonight. We will have to see about that.

21:55:27 [Bill] I've fallen and I can't get up

21:55:32 [linda] I get it. Dio U Karen?

21:55:48 [khfraser] Should I alert Bonnie?

21:56:03 [Bill] LOL, well, do as you wish.... but she is not here

21:56:15 [Bill] so you will have to play the tape for her...

21:56:21 [linda] No We'll never tell! he he

21:56:43 [khfraser] Dangerous - you are left alone with the computer with naked feet

21:56:57 [Bill] Okay, Alan said he was leaving but he still shows up....hmmmm is he eaves dropping perhaps?

21:57:14 [Bill] omg

21:57:21 [khfraser] I think he left the computer on

21:57:22 [Bill] I said that, and he disappeared

21:57:38 [khfraser] anybody else left?

21:57:44 [linda] Hey Alan if u r there I just thought of something for U

21:57:48 [Bill] be careful, I might take my socks off LOL

21:58:22 [Bill] omg...me and three women... I like the odds

21:58:23 [khfraser] Ann & Pat - are you still there?

21:58:33 [Bill] @#$*!

21:58:37 [Bill] fortet that

21:58:47 [aoakes1@co] Yes, on the phone too

21:59:22 [khfraser] don't incriminate yourself., Bill. Ann can multitask - what a woman!

21:59:51 [aoakes1@co] I try!

22:00:09 [Bill] I thought Nancy might show up... guess not

22:00:14 [khfraser] Edison grads are very talented & smart

22:00:29 [linda] aren

22:00:40 [aoakes1@co] Mom was saying how much she liked Bob Fellows. He was so nice to her at his Mom's funeral.

22:01:02 [khfraser] Nancy can't even figure out how to answer an email. I talked to her daugher & she said she has tried to teach her. That's Nancy McCormack

22:01:07 [crechwen] I'm here. I was checking out Central.

22:01:25 [Bill] well, we need to walk her through it then

22:01:35 [Bill] she might have fun

22:01:40 [khfraser] Bob Fellows mother & my mother played mah-jongg together for 25 years.

22:02:03 [khfraser] What did you think of Central's website?

22:02:03 [aoakes1@co] Bob where are you ministering at?

22:02:09 [Bill] he left and didn't say goodbye?

22:03:01 [linda] I need to sign off. It was fun! Take care!

22:03:06 [khfraser] I think Bob left. He is the Priest at the Episcopal Church in Stillwater. Stan Warfield is the Senior Pastor at First Methodist Church in Stillwater. Whoops - I just answered two triva questions.

22:03:16 [crechwen] The don't have a yearbook. I'm trying to remember some names and can't quite get them to surface.

22:03:46 [Bill] bye linda

22:03:49 [khfraser] Earlier on the chat, Bob said he & Stan see each other at Rotary meetings - & didn't know each other that well at Edison. Small world,

22:03:52 [Bill] thanks for chatting....

22:04:28 [linda] Good night all!! You're doing a great job!

22:04:30 [khfraser] They did have pictures by the classmates names in some directory - maybe that's what you need a password for.

22:04:34 [aoakes1@co] Bye Linda

22:04:44 [khfraser] Good night, Linda!

22:04:48 [Bill] I think I am done too... so you all have fun.... see ya soon, post pictures!!!!

22:05:24 [khfraser] Goodnight, Sweet Webmaster!

22:05:37 [crechwen] Central couldn't get its yearbook online, it said.

22:05:47 [aoakes1@co] I still have all the old yearbooks. If you need any of them let me know.

22:05:53 [Bill] aawww kisses, web er aaghhh, mistress?

22:05:56 [crechwen] Bill, Linda, goodnight, eh.

22:06:00 Bill exits from this room

22:06:30 [khfraser] This is going to start rumors.

22:06:34 [crechwen] Karen, how long have y'all been planning all this?

22:07:04 [khfraser] I think I have all the yearbooks. Bill has been doing the scanning of the yearbook. I did the museum part & we both do pictures.

22:07:28 [aoakes1@co] I am going to go too. Let me know if I can help more.

22:07:47 [khfraser] Really, Nancy McCormack started it and Bill & I were there. We haven't been working on it as long as we did the others. Internet has made a lot of difference.

22:08:03 [khfraser] Thanks, Ann. Nite-nite.

22:08:57 [khfraser] I volunteered to look for people & we kept trying to get a website up & then someone sent me the name of this company & Bill took over & the rest is history.

22:11:32 [crechwen] Good night all.

22:12:02 [khfraser] Nite - talk to you soon.

22:12:09 khfraser exits from this room

22:12:11 crechwen exits from this room

22:14:56 CanuckSpy enters this room

22:15:28 [CanuckSpy] I'm back under a new identity.

22:15:56 [CanuckSpy] However, I'm leaving again. Cheers.

22:16:59 CanuckSpy exits from this room

22:39:21 khfraser enters this room

22:40:13 khfraser exits from this room

22:41:08 khfraser enters this room

22:45:06 linda enters this room

22:45:55 JamesYoung enters this room

22:47:46 [JamesYoung] Karen, if you are still here, I thank you and Bill for your efforts.

22:49:21 [khfraser] I was checking in to see if I could print this. Thank you.

22:49:35 [JamesYoung] Linda, if you are still in, I say hello

22:50:10 [khfraser] Linda - are you back?

22:50:28 [JamesYoung] When is the next meeting? I'm in Tulsa temporarily and would like to attend. I've already been over to see NancyMcCormack.

22:50:47 [linda] I came back..wanted to see who was there now before I go to bed

22:51:01 [khfraser] The next meeting is at Nancy's next Tuesday at 6

22:51:32 [khfraser] I can't believe we were on here for over 2 hours. Pretty fun. Bill & I were glad to hear from Alan.

22:52:19 [JamesYoung] I'll try to attend. I can also help locate some people. I've already contacted Chloteal (sp?) Bonner, Kay Jones and got Alan Vint to register at Classmates

22:53:05 [linda] Karen.are you printing this chat room out ..from thre beginning to end. That woud be a hoot

22:53:16 [khfraser] Great - Get everyone to register here on the website. We have to pay to get their names off classmates.

22:53:57 [khfraser] Linda - I'm trying to. I can't get it to print. Maybe Bill can figure it out. It will be on here for a few days. I think it's so funny.

22:54:33 [JamesYoung] I'll do that. Also, a question regarding a fellow who attended thru his junior year then went off to Philadelphia, later attended Rice and is now at NASA. Would he be welcome?

22:55:38 [khfraser] You bet - anyone is welcome. When we get the registration forms done, send him one. Who is it?

22:56:18 [khfraser] I'm so glad you found Chloteal & Kay. Alan was on the chat tonight.

22:56:24 [JamesYoung] Gordon McKay. He was friends with all the folks such as Mike Jones and Sandy Duncan, et al who went to Rice

22:57:36 [JamesYoung] Sorry I missed Alan. We had a short but fun conversation.

22:57:54 [khfraser] I don't know that the address we have for Gordon is up to date - maybe Jenny McCravey sent it to me from the Rice reunion. I don't have Sandy & Mike's unless it's the same as at the 30th

22:58:51 [JamesYoung] I'll call Gordon. Maybe he knows where Jenny and Sandy are today.

22:59:25 [JamesYoung] Check that. . . Mike, not Jenny

22:59:27 [khfraser] Jenny is located. She is a dear friend & I talk to her online all the time.

22:59:51 [khfraser] Great. I think Mike was in Florida

23:00:46 [JamesYoung] What about teachers attending? I ran into John Butts a few days ago and he said Mrs. Cole is still around and Mrs. Notley is in Chicago

23:02:09 [khfraser] I will check on them. I have an address for Mrs. Notley in Kansas. Ruth Dritch keeps in contact with her & sent it to me. I think one of her kids is there. We haven't even started looking for teachers. Bring that up at the meeting.

23:02:39 [khfraser] I would love to see Mrs. Cole & Mrs. Notley

23:02:52 [JamesYoung] I'll do that. With that said, I have to get out of here. Looking forward to the meeting.

23:03:11 [khfraser] See you then.

June 9th, 2003
Bill Leighty
06-13-2003 08:38am
19:49:35 khfraser enters this room

20:16:17 mjh enters this room

20:17:23 [khfraser] Mary Jane

20:17:29 [khfraser] are you there?

20:20:37 Bill enters this room

20:21:09 [Bill] greetings

20:21:30 [khfraser] you & me

20:22:02 [Bill] hmmm, I was hoping the place would be packed

20:22:10 [Bill] I just finished eating....

20:22:20 [khfraser] kind of slow

20:22:29 [khfraser] I was checking emails & missed Mary Jane

20:22:37 [khfraser] we are hosts without guests

20:22:56 [Bill] sigh

20:23:06 [khfraser] kind of sad

20:23:15 [khfraser] what about the hotels?

20:23:25 [Bill] perhaps people will be 'fashionable late'?

20:23:37 Toronto enters this room

20:23:37 [Bill] ably

20:23:41 [Bill] oops

20:23:58 [khfraser] maybe - I have just logged in & done other things in case someone showed up

20:24:04 [Bill] it's either Doubletree or Adams Mark....

20:24:17 [khfraser] Hey - toronto

20:24:18 [Bill] we can get input from everyone,

20:24:27 [Bill] both are agreeable to no guarantee

20:24:35 [khfraser] we were lonesome here

20:24:46 [Toronto] Hey, your own fine self.

20:25:05 [khfraser] what's up - up there?

20:25:26 [Bill] hi pat

20:25:51 [Toronto] I peeked earlier, forgot my password, came back. What's up here? SARS, Mad Cow Disease out west, West Nile Virus due soon ...

20:26:04 [Toronto] Oh! Hi, Bill.

20:26:05 [khfraser] scary

20:26:15 [khfraser] are you bringing all that down to the reunion?

20:26:21 mjh enters this room

20:26:29 [Bill] ya....take your vitamins

20:26:32 [khfraser] Hi Mary Jane

20:26:50 [Bill] mary jane left the building?

20:27:19 [Toronto] It does sound scary all together. But as long as people stay out of hosptial, SARS is unlikely. The problem with the Mad Cow is that they've only found one. And, as a proper Okie, I never thought mosquitos were my friend (Oklahoma was a malaria zone).

20:27:28 becky enters this room

20:27:45 [khfraser] Hi Becky - it's Karen

20:27:58 [Bill] hi becky

20:27:59 [khfraser] I heard from Judy Eskridge - she is travelling around Canada

20:28:05 [khfraser] selling her latest book

20:28:25 [Toronto] What's the title of her book?

20:28:43 [khfraser] I don't know. Her first one was on Yugoslavian immigrants to Alaska

20:28:57 [khfraser] I can't remember which one this is

20:29:08 [khfraser] I wish she would finish the one on her life up there

20:29:24 [khfraser] They are very low key books

20:29:32 [khfraser] she has them published in Yugoslavia

20:29:36 [Bill] I was once a Yogoslavian immigrant myself

20:29:41 [becky] This sounds like fun. I hope you all are having fun planningthe reunion. I'm excited about coming. What's up with the hotels?

20:30:00 [khfraser] Is this Becky Matney?

20:30:05 [Bill] LOL....aaaghhh the hotel issue

20:30:07 [becky] yes

20:30:19 [Bill] to be settled by tomorrow evening

20:30:36 [becky] great

20:30:37 [khfraser] No dramatic things in your life, Becky? Kitchen, cancer?

20:30:38 [Bill] t's Doubletree or Adams Mark... $65 per night

20:31:41 [Toronto] How many have signed up for the reunion?

20:31:45 [khfraser] Are you & Mike coming?

20:32:09 [becky] No !! That is all behind me now All clear on the cancer, and the kitchen and remodeling is finally finished. Yes, Mike and I are coming for sure.

20:32:10 [Bill] well, so far, three have paid online

20:32:35 [khfraser] Great - we will have a mini-VV reunion

20:32:41 [Bill] feel free to make it four?

20:32:43 [khfraser] Pat, are you coming?

20:32:49 [Bill] or five

20:33:05 [becky] Give us time to get up to speed on the paying. Some of us are slow on all of this on-line business

20:33:12 [Toronto] You'll probably get a rush of people later. When's the deadline?

20:33:36 [Bill] 7:00 pm Septerber 12th

20:34:01 [Bill] cept it will go up after Sept 1st...to $85.00

20:34:05 [Toronto] You're brave.

20:34:10 [becky] When will we know the schedule of events?

20:34:12 [khfraser] You can send a check if you aren't computer savvy

20:34:23 [Toronto] I'm probably not going to make it. Not sure yet.

20:34:35 [becky] thanks, Karen

20:34:47 [khfraser] Well, try. If not, we have this.

20:35:05 [khfraser] There is a schedule on the website - we are adding to it.

20:35:17 [Bill] the schedule is posted on the reunons page

20:35:51 [khfraser] Becky - I just put a picture of me with the grandkids on the website.

20:36:02 [khfraser] You won't believe how they have grown since you saw them

20:36:13 [khfraser] plus there are more

20:36:14 [Toronto] The online payment will probably prove to be a good idea - it's still a bit early. I swore I'd never pay for anything online, but I do and it's worked well.

20:36:33 [Bill] I wonder if Mary Jane is trying to get on with AOL?

20:36:43 [becky] I talked to Sally Bryant the other day and she's not sure she can make it. They are traveing a lot this summer. Karen, I'm anxious to see them.

20:37:03 [Toronto] Would that be Mary Jane Pietz? (sp?)

20:37:10 [khfraser] Sally wrote & said she might come for one day - hard to catch her sitting still

20:37:16 [Bill] yes

20:37:18 [khfraser] Yes - it's Mary Jane Pietz

20:37:41 [becky] How true. She and Buford are always on the go.

20:37:50 [Toronto] She was a terrific softball hitter.

20:38:21 [khfraser] Mary Jane is on aol - I will have to help her figure it out later

20:38:36 [Toronto] Mary Jane for the softball hitter, I mean. Not Sally. I'm not really with the flow of the chat.

20:38:48 [khfraser] who is?

20:39:04 [khfraser] I just knew about Mary Jane & the piano - softball, too.

20:39:27 [khfraser] Becky, Jenny is coming - Jenny McCravey

20:39:58 [khfraser] We have to find John Campbell to get Judy here, I think

20:40:26 [becky] Great, I'm glad some of the Vestal Virgins will be making the trip. It just wouldn't be right without us.

20:40:53 [khfraser] no kidding

20:40:59 [Toronto] About what percentage of us have you tracked down? With such a large class it must be quite a job.

20:41:12 [khfraser] About half

20:41:31 [becky] Great job!

20:41:38 [khfraser] I have emails for 148 - addresses for 350

20:41:42 [Toronto] Impressive!

20:41:51 [khfraser] that's 350 total

20:41:53 [Bill] right, if you included the deceased ones...

20:41:58 [khfraser] a little over 50 have died

20:42:10 [khfraser] true

20:42:17 [Toronto] Fifty!

20:42:23 [khfraser] with the deceased, it's over 400 out of 650.

20:42:31 [khfraser] I know

20:42:32 [Bill] that is of the ones we know

20:42:39 [becky] What a shame!

20:42:49 [khfraser] I read the class prophecy - look in the class museum

20:42:59 [Bill] if you would apply the same number to the ones we have lost that could potentially be near 100

20:43:04 [khfraser] 36 people were mentioned in it - 6 of them are dead

20:43:13 [khfraser] glad I wasn't mentioned

20:43:28 [becky] me too

20:43:41 [khfraser] we keep talking about having reunions every 5 years now

20:43:42 [Toronto] Here's a grim suggestion: have you tried checking the Social Security Death Index for people you have no clue on?

20:43:46 [khfraser] time is running out

20:44:03 [khfraser] Bill Sullivan has been checking something like that

20:44:23 [khfraser] He's an epidemiologist & I guess he uses it for something

20:44:41 [khfraser] I was thrilled he asked to do that -

20:45:11 [khfraser] surely there aren't 100 of us dead

20:45:27 [khfraser] that would be a large percentage, wouldn't it?

20:45:35 [Bill] how odd, I considered being an epidemiologist myself.... if only I knew what they did...

20:45:42 [Toronto] The most complete publc online SSDI is on http://www.rootsweb.com - but he may have access to a better one.

20:46:05 [khfraser] Judy Averill is a nurse in epidemiology

20:46:24 [Toronto] Great - the URL didn't come through. Its three Ws dot rootsweb dot com.

20:46:25 [khfraser] we should send those two to Canada to help you all

20:46:45 [khfraser] isn't it funny that we can't type in websites - I tried that last time

20:47:21 [khfraser] Pat - I wrote that down

20:48:31 [Toronto] We could use it, no doubt. Part of the problem is arrogance and different levels of government not working well together around SARS.

20:48:52 [khfraser] Becky - I got a note from Bob Jordan - he mentioned seeing me at the reunion

20:49:05 [becky] This has really been fun. I'll look forward to next time. Thanks again for all the hard work with the planning. We'll chat again soon. Bye.

20:49:14 [khfraser] have you heard from them?

20:49:53 [khfraser] Pat - are you writing now?

20:49:53 [becky] Karen, no, I haven't heard from them. Will they be back in the states by then?

20:50:16 [khfraser] I don't know, Becky. I figured he wouldn't know until closer to the reunion

20:50:54 [becky] It would be fun to visit with them about all the experiences.

20:51:08 [khfraser] no kidding

20:51:10 [Toronto] Am I writing besides this line of chat?

20:51:11 [becky] Need to go now. Bye

20:51:22 [khfraser] I saw him on the Today show

20:51:26 becky exits from this room

20:51:31 [Bill] bye becky

20:51:54 [khfraser] yes - books, articles, whatever?

20:52:51 [Toronto] Right now, I'm working on a line-by-line edit of the history of Clan MacIntyre, a Highland clan.

20:53:16 [khfraser] cool - my son is very much into his Scottish heritage

20:53:23 [Bill] wanna run our book club Pat?

20:54:25 [khfraser] this is slow tonight - or slow to Canada

20:55:28 [Toronto] Um, no on the book club, but thank you for asking. I find the Highlands fascinating. Is your son doing any online research. He might enjoy three Ws electricscotland dot com - the guy who runs it, Alastair McIntyre, has thousands of documents transcribed and posted.

20:56:00 [khfraser] I will tell him. He used to study it a lot in college

20:56:33 [khfraser] He is a Hamilton, Campbell, Fraser, whatever. Has Hamilton & Fraser clan badges tatooed on his back

20:56:42 [Bill] I have to make a couple of call....I will check back in a little later....

20:56:42 [khfraser] much to my joy

20:56:49 [khfraser] he's getting married in his kilt

20:56:55 Bill exits from this room

20:57:09 [Toronto] A Campbell. Hmmm. Good thing I'm not a MacDonald.

20:57:34 [khfraser] He would say the same thing

20:57:52 [khfraser] we bored Bill with the Scottish stuff

20:58:22 [Toronto] Ha! The Frasers had a lot to do with the early colonization of Canada, after the failed Rising of '45.

20:58:37 [Toronto] Poor Bill.

20:59:07 [khfraser] My husband's uncle, a McPhee, came over from Scotland to Prince Edward Island

20:59:49 [Toronto] There's a link to the Clan Fraser site on Electric Scotland. Can't remember about the Hamiltons. I have a friend from Nova Scotia who's a McPhee - Cat McPhee (I love that name).

20:59:56 [khfraser] We even have Scottish games in Tulsa now - very active Scottish American club

21:00:30 [Toronto] Yes, I was in Tulsa last year for the Scottish Games and the Clan MacIntyre gathering.

21:00:40 [khfraser] just told my son

21:01:06 [khfraser] sorry I missed you - I went out for a little while

21:01:38 [Toronto] I'm a MacIntyre, McMicken, McKee, Rayburn, Redfern ... actually mostly of Scottish descent.

21:02:05 [khfraser] I am amazed at the Native Americans with Scottish names

21:02:28 [khfraser] I have a friend named McIntosh - half Muskogee Creek

21:02:59 [khfraser] tribes - clans

21:03:11 [Toronto] Well, in many ways the cultures of the two peoples in the 1800s were similar - both were warrior cultures - even some of the legends have similarities though I couldn't give you any particulars just now.

21:03:34 [khfraser] I know - my son & I talked about the similarities

21:05:36 [khfraser] I have to go get a phone call - keep in touch

21:05:50 [Toronto] Would the Hamiltons be from Scotland or would they be from Ulster in Ireland (colonizers brought in by the English)? There was also a lot of coming and going between Ireland and Scotland for centuries, expecially between Kintyre and Antrim.

21:05:57 khfraser exits from this room

21:06:06 [Toronto] Cheers. I've got to go too.

21:06:10 Toronto exits from this room

Re: Chat Archive
Bill Leighty
08-10-2003 12:44pm
Monthly Class Chat - August 9th, 2003

20:10:13 RobMorton enters this room

20:25:47 JamesYoung enters this room

20:26:13 [JamesYoung] Hello Rob.

20:26:33 [RobMorton] Hi Jiim

20:26:41 [JamesYoung] Been a long time since I saw you and played baseball with you.

20:27:11 [RobMorton] Yeah. but do you remember when we worked at sandis?

20:27:42 [JamesYoung] You bet. I went to Florida about three months ago and saw Frank Cicanese.

20:27:58 [RobMorton] you are kidding!!

20:28:42 [JamesYoung] Nope. I also had lunch with Jon Bayouth in Southern Cal (near Palos Verdes) about three months ago.

20:29:24 [RobMorton] How did you happen to find him?

20:30:06 [JamesYoung] When I visited Frank, he called Jon and said he needed Jon to come to work early the next day for the Grand Re-opening of Sandy's

20:30:17 [RobMorton] What is Frank doing now?

20:30:56 [JamesYoung] Frank is retired but has invented seveal things, including a huge device to help extinguish oil well fires.

20:31:42 [RobMorton] From Sandy's to inventor. success story?

20:32:15 [RobMorton] where do you live now?

20:32:18 [JamesYoung] He's done quite well. When he left Sandy's he went back to Gibsonburg, OH, and became mayor.

20:33:12 [JamesYoung] I call Austin TX home but right now I'm on a temporary task force in Salt Lake City. I can look out my window and see the Temple

20:33:46 [JamesYoung] Are you coming to the reunion?

20:34:15 [RobMorton] I'm planning on it.

20:34:25 [RobMorton] How bout you

20:34:54 [JamesYoung] Good. I'll be there. In fact, I atended one of the meetings at Nancy McCormick's house this spring.

20:35:20 [JamesYoung] I'm in that picture with all those old folks

20:35:48 [RobMorton] I thought i recognized you. lookin good for an old man

20:36:06 [JamesYoung] I've been very lucky.

20:36:46 [JamesYoung] I'll be there with my girl friend from Jr High school. She moved to CA in 1961. first time back

20:36:51 [RobMorton] Me too. Its sad to read the list of deceased class mates

20:37:25 [JamesYoung] I know. I talked to Phil Snow, Judy's younger brother and got him to post her picture.

20:37:39 Lynne enters this room

20:37:42 [JamesYoung] That crash really got to me.

20:37:52 [JamesYoung] Hi Lynne

20:38:10 [RobMorton] it did me also. I've thought about her a lot

20:38:11 khfraser enters this room

20:38:19 [RobMorton] Hi Lynne

20:38:25 [JamesYoung] Hi Karen

20:38:36 [khfraser] This is Karen

20:38:39 [khfraser] hi there

20:38:42 [JamesYoung] I'd love to talk to 'Smokey' Stover about it.

20:38:47 [khfraser] what's up?

20:39:01 [Lynne] Hi All - sorry for the pause - was catching up on the reading.

20:39:16 [khfraser] which Lynne is this?

20:39:29 [RobMorton] Hi Karen. Thanks again for the great work you all have done

20:39:30 [Lynne] I read your mention of Judy - any details you can share?

20:39:53 [khfraser] Thank you - it's been fun

20:40:03 [khfraser] mention of Judy? Irby or Eitel?

20:40:19 [Lynne] Lynne Hoover - I left Tulsa many years ago.

20:40:27 [Lynne] Judy Snow

20:40:31 [RobMorton] Judy Snow

20:40:37 [khfraser] Hi Lynne.

20:40:49 [JamesYoung] Judy [Snow] and I were fellow Texas 'citizens' and that crash really got to me

20:40:53 [khfraser] Judy Snow was killed in a car wreck with another classmate - I can't think

20:41:05 [khfraser] it was during our freshman year in college

20:41:11 [Lynne] Ginger Miller - freshman year of college

20:41:15 [khfraser] they swerved to miss a rabbit, as I recall

20:41:24 [khfraser] right - Ginger

20:41:34 [JamesYoung] She was with Ginger Miller and Smokey Stover Ginger died; Carolyn was OK

20:41:36 [Lynne] When I saw her picture recently, it really brought back what a sweetheart she was.

20:41:50 [JamesYoung] Going back to Abilene

20:41:58 [khfraser] I know - I was glad the pictures got on there

20:42:12 [khfraser] right - I knew it was Texas - so tragic

20:42:16 [khfraser] sweet girls

20:42:17 [JamesYoung] Karen, have you found Carolyn 'Smokey' Stover?

20:42:27 [JamesYoung] Lat I heard she was in far west

20:42:38 [khfraser] no - I haven't heard from her

20:42:39 [JamesYoung] Texas

20:42:50 [khfraser] I don't think I have an address at all

20:42:56 [JamesYoung] I just rented these fingers and haven't learned how to use them yet

20:43:07 [khfraser] but that is off the top of my head & I am not infallable

20:43:15 [Lynne] Good one, James

20:43:18 [khfraser] Bill says I remember everyone - I try

20:43:22 [khfraser] we were a big class

20:43:24 [JamesYoung] Lynne, which Lynne ar you?

20:43:49 [khfraser] Hoover

20:43:53 [Lynne] Lynne Hoover - totally anonymous

20:44:07 [khfraser] James - we are trying to figure out what to wear

20:44:13 [khfraser] casual Friday night

20:44:27 [khfraser] casual Saturday - maybe jackets optional

20:44:33 [khfraser] we can't figure how to word it

20:44:40 [JamesYoung] With a name like James Young, I'm all but invisible since we're as common as mosquitos

20:44:45 [khfraser] no jeans, tank tops,

20:44:51 [RobMorton] Jim - when i saw your picture, i remembered a time you almost got us arrested

20:45:05 [khfraser] tell us the story

20:45:10 [JamesYoung] How about khaki pants and a knit shirt for Friday?

20:45:24 [khfraser] great - perfect

20:45:26 [RobMorton] I'll leave my tank tops at home, then

20:45:31 [khfraser] I am more worried about your girlfriend

20:45:44 [khfraser] she doesn't need to get dressed up

20:45:51 [khfraser] dressy casual Saturday

20:45:57 [JamesYoung] And dress slack and a dress shirt for Saturday? No ties!!

20:45:59 [khfraser] we can't agree on what that means

20:46:10 [khfraser] no ties - definitely

20:46:23 [khfraser] we are very laid back at this age

20:46:32 [RobMorton] no ties? good

20:46:32 [khfraser] just want to see everyone - not impress them

20:46:42 [JamesYoung] I'll have to go to Rodeo Drive and coordinate my outfits

20:47:01 [khfraser] great

20:47:10 [khfraser] we will give a fashion award

20:47:25 [khfraser] are you coming back, Lynne & Rob?

20:47:34 [JamesYoung] That will have to go to somebody other than me

20:47:37 [RobMorton] karen, do you know how many have registered to come? I had a conflict i had to resolve - will be coming now

20:47:43 [Lynne] Not sure yet

20:47:58 [khfraser] you and a lot of others

20:48:08 [khfraser] everyone is last minute these days

20:48:26 [RobMorton] I'll register tonight or tomorrow

20:48:36 [khfraser] great

20:48:40 [JamesYoung] Hey, I'm already registerd. Going to the committee meeting was way cool. Great to see all those folks.

20:48:57 [khfraser] I keep hearing from people who are coming - not registered

20:49:02 [khfraser] should be a good group

20:49:08 [khfraser] we are working on teachers now

20:49:28 [Lynne] Is Mr. Butts coming

20:49:29 [khfraser] there are some around who want to come

20:49:32 [JamesYoung] Good. Have you contacted Mr. Butts? Mrs. Notley?

20:49:39 [khfraser] we are going to try & get him - he is in Tulsa

20:49:54 [khfraser] Mrs. Notley is in Kansas - I would love to see her

20:49:59 [Lynne] He sang at my father's funeral

20:50:05 [khfraser] I used to run into her - Ruth Dritch keeps in contact

20:50:10 [JamesYoung] I wonder if she has Toto with her?

20:50:23 [khfraser] Knowing her - yes

20:50:27 [RobMorton] does anyone remember Miss/Mrs. Beck

20:50:35 Bill enters this room

20:50:43 [khfraser] Mary Ann - yes

20:50:48 [Lynne] What did she teach?

20:50:51 [Bill] greetings all

20:50:57 [khfraser] her son-in-law is our USrepresentative

20:50:57 [Lynne] Hi Bill

20:50:59 [khfraser] hey

20:51:03 [JamesYoung] Yes. She was my home room teacher. MaryAnn's Makeouts we called ourselves

20:51:16 [khfraser] I see Mrs Beck sometimes - she was a friend of my family

20:51:18 [RobMorton] Yes, Mary Ann she taught english

20:51:21 [khfraser] we should get her to come

20:51:22 [Bill] howdeeeeeeeeeeee Lynne....

20:51:34 [RobMorton] yes, Jim -- i was in that class also

20:51:55 [RobMorton] remember the rummage sale?

20:51:55 [khfraser] Bill - I was explaining to Jim about the dress for the reunion

20:52:03 [khfraser] I took notehand from Mary Ann

20:52:12 [Bill] did you tell him he had to wear one?

20:52:12 [JamesYoung] We were two of maybe four guys in a class of ladies

20:52:18 [khfraser] We had a baby shower for her at my house our senior year

20:52:21 [khfraser] all her students

20:52:53 [khfraser] Jim is going to be our fashion plate

20:53:05 [Bill] kewl

20:53:12 [khfraser] Jim & Rob were about to tell us about almost getting arrested

20:53:15 [khfraser] go on

20:53:42 [RobMorton] Hi Bill - you guys have done a great job with all this.

20:53:47 [JamesYoung] Go ahead Rob. That was probably my evil clone.

20:53:57 [Bill] I'm wearing a dark suit... I don't have any fancy 'casual' clothes and I know many of the ladies will be dressed up, so I think I want them to feel comfortable

20:54:00 [RobMorton] Well.....Jim do you remember that time?

20:54:04 [Bill] Thanks Rob....

20:54:20 [JamesYoung] Out of how many?

20:54:35 [RobMorton] Maybe I'll post it on the memoir page

20:54:53 [khfraser] you should do that

20:55:15 [khfraser] Jon Bascom wanted us to make a video of people talking about things they did that nobody knew about

20:55:28 [Bill] arrested....? go ahead tell us....

20:55:36 [khfraser] hard to get it together across the country

20:55:51 [RobMorton] Back to Mary Ann ... What is her son in laws name

20:55:59 [khfraser] yeah, none of us ever did anything like that

20:56:07 [khfraser] Sullivan

20:56:34 [khfraser] Rob - you evaded the question

20:56:36 [RobMorton] Sullivan ... ok

20:56:58 [Bill] my story is on the message board.....

20:57:18 [khfraser] John Sullivan - I went blank on the first name for a sec

20:57:36 [Bill] Lynne is awfully quiet?

20:57:54 [JamesYoung] She's taking notes to use for blackmail

20:58:12 [Lynne] Since I havent talked to anyone sincde 1963, figured I should just listen.

20:58:37 [khfraser] you will hear all sorts of things

20:58:41 [Bill] well, no need for that.... I will post the entire chat on the message board anyway.... LOL

20:58:52 [RobMorton] arrested..... memory's a bit fuzzy but i'll either remember it more clearly later or improvise

20:58:54 [khfraser] I have to go - you guys have fun - see you in Sept.

20:58:57 khfraser exits from this room

20:59:10 [Bill] the evidence will remain into the distant future in the archives of the web site

20:59:35 [Bill] wow...that was fast,,, did her parents come home?

20:59:36 [Lynne] Have any of you attended previous reunions?

20:59:54 [RobMorton] i read the 'transcript' of an earlier chat - really interesting

21:00:12 [JamesYoung] I have attended all of them

21:00:14 [Bill] I missed the 10th, but attended and volunteered to work on the 20th and 30th

21:00:41 [JamesYoung] I find them fascincating because we had such a talented group of folks. May have done quite well.

21:00:49 [RobMorton] I helped with the 10th, attended the 20th but was 'lost' for the 30th... didn't know about it

21:00:52 [Bill] we have heard from many people who have never attended or had any interest whatsoever, and now they say they want to come

21:01:03 [Bill] so true Rob....

21:01:31 [Lynne] Will I be a 'fifth' wheel if I attend alone?

21:01:53 [Bill] absolutely not Lynne

21:02:05 [Bill] many have registered as single attendees

21:02:08 [RobMorton] I'm coming by myself... wife has conflict

21:02:18 [Bill] I would say about half maybe

21:02:52 [Bill] Often spouses don't feel comfortable in this kind of environment I think

21:02:59 [JamesYoung] Bill, have you heard anything from Jimmy McInich (sp?)

21:03:05 [Bill] if they don't know the Classmates that is

21:03:38 [Bill] I am VERY nervous about how many will actually come

21:03:50 [Bill] I have great hopes.... but so far we have about 60 paid

21:04:09 [Bill] no James.....

21:04:33 [Bill] at least I haven't but Karen hears from a lot of people that I don't, so you might check with her

21:04:53 [Lynne] Have you considered another 'chat' next weekend - with advance publicity? Maybe that would answer questions for some.

21:05:14 [Bill] Does Danny not want to come, Lynne?

21:05:24 [Lynne] Danny?

21:05:48 [Bill] OMG

21:06:07 [Bill] which Lynne is it....? duh.... I can't believe it

21:06:21 [Lynne] Please remove foot from mouth - can't understand a word....

21:06:25 [Bill] soooooooooooooooooo sawwwwwwwwry

21:06:52 [Bill] I have just reconsidered my promise to post this chat on the message board

21:07:37 [Bill] This chat archive will be harder to find the Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction.....

21:08:10 [JamesYoung] If that's the worst thing you've done, you'll be okay.

21:09:38 [Bill] ok.... help me out here, Lynne....

21:09:44 [Bill] somebody....

21:09:52 [Bill] anyone...

21:10:03 [Lynne] Well, all this excitement on a Saturday night......

21:10:06 [RobMorton] Its Hoover - you were thinking hammond i bet

21:10:33 [Bill] yes.... we are virtual jet setters....

21:10:54 [Bill] yes... Lynne Hammond had been corresponding with me the last week about some photos

21:11:01 [Lynne] The reunion should be a wild night

21:11:04 [Bill] sorry for assuming....please forgive

21:11:13 [RobMorton] is she coming

21:11:27 [Bill] yes

21:11:40 [Lynne] Not a problem. I worked all thru high school and didn't really get to know people

21:11:59 [Bill] where did you work Lynne

21:12:13 [Lynne] All up and down Brookside

21:12:46 [Bill] <- resists joke....doesn't know Lynne that well

21:13:12 [Lynne] Let's hear it

21:13:26 [Lynne] Oops, just got it

21:13:28 [Bill] I worked in high school as well

21:13:41 [Lynne] Where

21:13:44 [Bill] after school... at Ross Marin Company

21:13:56 [Bill] they were in the printing and forms business

21:14:00 [Lynne] Not familiar with it

21:14:14 [Bill] I was there for 3 years... including my first year at TU

21:14:31 [Lynne] Sounds way more interesting than drug store and dairy queen

21:14:45 [RobMorton] Bill, I got a kick out of the group picture on the first page on the website. recognized you and james, karen, jeanne, nancy, mcKellar,etc. who is on the far left (if you can picture it)

21:15:02 [Bill] Hey Lynne... have you looked at our Missing List to see if you know how we can reach any of those?

21:15:21 [Lynne] Are you up on current printing techniques? I am looking for some unique laminated business cards

21:15:50 [Bill] no sorry, I am in real estate know....

21:16:07 [Lynne] Residential?

21:16:18 [Bill] yes

21:16:23 [RobMorton] Bill, how about gary harkreader - hear from him?

21:16:31 [Lynne] I'm a loan officer in Denver but do a lot of loans in Oklahoma

21:16:40 [Lynne] Am transitioning into commercial lending.

21:16:46 [Bill] I do a little commercial real estate, but mostly residential

21:17:06 [Bill] I imagine Denver is a pretty strong market right now

21:17:24 [Bill] hang on..... brb

21:17:51 [Lynne] If you ever need a no verification (stated) that's quick to close - let me know. Have a great product line.

21:18:02 [Bill] oh... Sorry the guy on the left in the picture is Larry Clain

21:18:14 [Bill] I didn't know him, but he did attend that one meeting

21:18:18 [JamesYoung] Lynne, my ister is in Parker. She wants me to buy a townhouse in the Pinery

21:18:41 [Bill] send me your card Lynne... I will put it in my file

21:18:45 [Lynne] Careful - Parker is strong but Denver is over priced and cooling off

21:18:49 [RobMorton] Gary Young is in the picture, isn't he?

21:18:55 [Bill] my address is on the Contact Classmates section

21:19:06 [Bill] yes, Gary is there...

21:19:08 [Lynne] And condos/townhouses lose steam in a slow market

21:19:31 [Bill] the list of who is in the picture is in the NEWS link

21:19:34 [Lynne] Oops - Pinery is Castle Rock, I believe

21:21:18 [Bill] My wife and I were going to see Jerry Lee Lewis performing at the Tulsa Jazz Fest tonight, but it has been so hot & muggy... I just wasn't up for it tonight.... I had forgotten about the chat till I got an email from Karen

21:22:00 [Lynne] Outside arena?

21:22:42 [Bill] Just north of Downtown.... east of the OSU campus... in the Greenwood area

21:22:57 [Bill] not an area.... just an outdoor venu

21:23:05 [Bill] park like setting

21:23:24 [Bill] venue

21:23:51 [Lynne] OSU campus in Tulsa?

21:24:26 [RobMorton] Lynne, how long has it been since you've been in tulsa

21:24:52 [Lynne] Sadly, last month - my mother's funeral

21:25:09 [RobMorton] I'm sorry to hear that

21:25:16 [Bill] yes...it has evolved from a consortium of Universitys

21:25:33 [Lynne] Thanks - it was unexpected

21:25:35 [Bill] oopss... Universities

21:25:54 [Bill] they used to call it UCAT ... University Center at Tulsa

21:26:08 [Lynne] I lived in Willard Hall at OSU in Stillwater

21:26:13 [Bill] OU, OSU, Langston.... were all involved

21:26:31 [Bill] now it is kind of a stand alone campus

21:26:35 [Lynne] But there was just one campus then

21:26:53 [Lynne] Rob and Jim - what do you do?

21:26:55 [Bill] my sympathies.... Lynne

21:27:19 [Bill] it is never easy to lose a parent.... no matter the age, my mother passes away when I was 25

21:27:37 [Lynne] So young, Bill

21:28:16 [Lynne] Fortunately, we were able to talk right up to the last moment

21:28:25 [JamesYoung] I'm recently 'retired' from a large resort near Napa Valley. I remondeled some homes in tulsa for 6 months. Now, I'm on a financial task force in Salt Lake city.

21:28:48 [RobMorton] I am president of a managed healthcare company in Georgia.

21:28:59 [Bill] what did you for the resort Jim?

21:28:59 [Lynne] Wow!

21:29:18 [JamesYoung] Chief Financial Officer

21:29:34 [Bill] yes, I saw your bio Rob.. and your photo... you look very well preserved....

21:29:51 [RobMorton] I love Napa Valley... been there twice this year

21:30:30 [JamesYoung] We were just over the mountains to the north, near Clearlake

21:30:35 [Bill] My Brother in Law lives in Half Moon Bay... we visit him occassionally... love to visit the Valley

21:30:43 [JamesYoung] About 43 minutes from the Beringer Winery

21:30:59 [Lynne] Jim, I've been talking with my sister about buying some rentals or 'flips' in Tulsa - is that what you did?

21:31:06 [Bill] I visited there once... the Beringer

21:31:18 [Bill] I guess it is one of the oldest vinyards out there?

21:31:46 [RobMorton] My son lives in Reno, so we visit Napa when we go out there

21:31:50 [JamesYoung] Sort of. I did the remodels for my mother, my uncle, my sister's father-in-law , and another one.

21:32:05 [Lynne] How did you find the properties?

21:32:08 [JamesYoung] They're remodeling the Rhine House at Beringer right now.

21:32:33 [Bill] I remember lots of cobwebs there...

21:32:51 [Bill] ot like Robert Mondavi....

21:32:53 [JamesYoung] I was asked to do them by the owners or the heirs

21:33:09 [Bill] so new and fresh

21:33:51 [JamesYoung] The winery that Francis Ford Coppola bought (name  ??) is way cool. The Oscars for Godfaher are on display

21:34:13 [RobMorton] yes ...to the coppola winery

21:34:18 [JamesYoung] Niebaum-Coppola

21:34:26 [Bill] seems I can't type tonight... perhaps that last cocktail has impaired the skills Mathel Young so earnestly taught me....

21:34:39 [RobMorton] they have a Tucker car upstairs , also

21:34:53 [JamesYoung] I did not see that. My loss

21:35:47 [RobMorton] so James, are you a expert on wines?

21:36:17 [JamesYoung] Not at all. I just know what I like and how to open them

21:36:28 [Lynne] Ha ha

21:36:36 [RobMorton] yep - me too

21:36:43 [Bill] I love cheap wine.... LOL

21:36:52 [Bill] 10 bucks a bottle, that is my limit

21:36:55 [RobMorton] actually i like those cheap chilean wines

21:37:22 [Bill] by the second glass ... who cares anyway

21:37:23 [RobMorton] my hobby is to find the cheapest wines I can, that don't give me a headache

21:37:54 [Bill] my wife has the same problem with some wines....

21:37:58 [Lynne] My son said that in Europe, the 'chic' imported wine is from California

21:38:12 [Bill] it used to be reds... now she gets a headache every time she drinks a white wine

21:38:32 [RobMorton] one of my things to do when i visit tulsa is to go to fikes - cheaper than around here

21:38:39 [Bill] California wines in Europe...? What a novelty

21:39:18 [Bill] it seems everyone is bent on Austrailian wines around here these days

21:39:34 [RobMorton] i previously worked for a french company and when the execs came to u.s. they always wanted california wines

21:39:59 [Lynne] The last time I was in a liquor store in Tulsa, it was illegal to sell wine or beer that had been chilled. Is that still the case?

21:40:07 [Bill] We have a couple of decent vinyards here in Northeastern Oklahoma these days...

21:40:34 [Bill] they are small but growing... I know the owners of one of them... and I really think they will make a name for themselves one day...

21:40:37 [RobMorton] .... i've heard about the okla winerys

21:40:38 [JamesYoung] Yes. But you could be in Utah. The liqour laws are way stupid here.

21:40:52 [Bill] they are like TOTALLY committed...

21:41:11 [Lynne] That would be great to serve an Oklahoma wine at reunion

21:41:24 [Bill] like Oklahoma used to be Jim?

21:41:27 [JamesYoung] The FBI has to run a criminal background check on owners and managers before they allow a license to go out

21:41:37 [RobMorton] Bill, i looked at fikes last time i was there but didn't find the okla wines....where do you get them

21:42:14 [JamesYoung] I've had some of the Cimmaron Cellars 'blush' wines. They're down south of Atoka

21:42:17 [Bill] hmmm not sure Rob... will have to check into that... Naturally you can buy them at the vinyards... but I think Fikes may have some of them

21:42:43 [Bill] hey folks... we are looking for a moderator for our gourmet club...... any volunteers...?

21:43:20 [JamesYoung] My culinary expertise runs to steaks and salads

21:43:32 [Lynne] I excel at making reservations

21:43:47 [Bill] aaghh... a man after my own tastes... LOL

21:44:23 [Bill] we are in agreement then... someone else will have to fun the gourmet club?

21:44:38 [Bill] fun = run

21:45:01 [RobMorton] Bill - back to the bio...I learned about the website one night when calling Curt Shacklett - last time i was in tulsa. so i logged in and did the bio...i happened to have that picture on my laptop so i attached it. however in the interest of full disclosure - its 5 years old...

21:45:01 [Bill] or fun the club... I don't know, I like that too

21:45:21 [Bill] more vino please....

21:45:40 [Bill] is it possible to slur your chat?

21:45:56 [Lynne] LOL

21:46:31 [JamesYoung] And your fonts smell of alcohol . . .

21:46:49 [Lynne] Is it getting late?

21:47:07 [Bill] well, I keep hoping someone else will log on... help us kick it up a notch? Who loves Emeril?

21:47:09 [Lynne] And you gave up Jerry Lee for this?

21:47:40 [Bill] ya really...

21:47:50 [RobMorton] i like emeril but my favorite is bobby flay(sp)

21:48:11 [Bill] hmmm don't know bobby flay....

21:48:22 [Lynne] hum a few bars

21:48:37 [JamesYoung] ha ha!

21:48:47 [Bill] LOL.. LYNNE

21:48:58 [Bill] me thinks Lynne has a very good sense of humor

21:49:21 [RobMorton] he's been pre-empted by emeril... used to be on cooking channel a bunch (to the tune of dixie)

21:49:35 [Lynne] Thanks!

21:49:36 [Bill] I will watch for him then

21:50:17 [RobMorton] Bill, i trust pete churchwell will be at the reuinion

21:50:33 [Bill] Yes, Pete will be there

21:51:13 [Bill] He is hosting the tour of the Oklahoma Acquarium

21:51:24 [Bill] and also the hospatility suite at the hotel

21:51:45 [JamesYoung] I'll see Pete early Friday afternoon

21:51:49 [Bill] he is my boy... the LANCER that did goood.... LOL

21:51:57 [RobMorton] Pete made the papers here in Milledgeville with his work on the tulsa race riot.... i clipped the article to send to him and never got around to it

21:52:26 [Bill] wow.... that is neat.... I know he worked very hard on that....

21:52:49 [Lynne] My aunt built a home across the street from Tulsa Country Club many years ago so at least I know where that part of festivities are

21:52:52 [Bill] to be honest he was in kind of a 'no win' situation on that deal and I think he handled it very well

21:53:19 [RobMorton] I remember Mrs. Notley kidding Pete about wearing 'horn rimmed' glasses which made him look studious... which she didn't think he was at that time (9jth grade)

21:53:20 [Lynne] What riot?

21:53:35 [Bill] it is a great view from the pation Lynne ... of downtown tulsa

21:54:03 [Bill] as I recall... Mrs. Notely had some rather impressive glasses as well?

21:54:14 [Bill] pation - patio

21:54:20 [Bill] your choice

21:54:24 [RobMorton] yes she did

21:55:02 [Bill] of course the best glasses of all.. Marge Landry, check em out.... oh ya

21:55:16 [Bill] she passes a few years ago

21:55:17 [RobMorton] oh yeah

21:55:23 [Bill] I loved that woman

21:55:30 [JamesYoung] Hopefully, Mrs. Notley will be able to attend

21:55:57 [Bill] the race riot of 1927

21:56:08 [RobMorton] I wonder if i can get Mrs. Notley to change my grade from a 'd' to a 'c'

21:56:09 [Bill] I think that was the year..?

21:56:42 [Bill] hey, if you are going to go for it, why not an A+  

21:57:11 [RobMorton] i thought i was thinking big with a 'c'

21:57:39 [Bill] I remember what Pauline P. Jackson said to me.....

21:58:01 [Lynne] History teacher?

21:58:07 [Bill] ll, one day you are going to look around and wonder where the time went... well, guess what.... it is time for our 40th Reunion... OMG

21:58:30 [Bill] Yes... History

21:58:40 [RobMorton] its interesting what we remember from the teachers, isn't it?

21:58:57 [RobMorton] probably not the things they think we should remember

21:59:01 [Lynne] Seems like she mentioned something about altruism that stuck with me all these years.

21:59:04 [Bill] that was the day we signed yearbooks.... that is what she wrote in mine

21:59:25 [Bill] she was a prophet indeed

21:59:32 [Lynne] Wish I still had mine

22:00:13 [JamesYoung] Juel Trask, Geology teacher, wrote 'May you find the origins of the universe.'

22:00:53 [JamesYoung] Actually, that applied more to Gordon McKay who is a researcher in astrophysics at NASA.

22:00:54 [Bill] wow.... what a challenge..

22:01:06 [RobMorton] I can't remember any teachers signing my yearbook

22:01:11 [Bill] I was just hoping to find a college who would accept me

22:01:25 [RobMorton] i don't remember whether i didn't ask them or they refused

22:01:47 [Bill] LOL

22:01:53 [Lynne] I hope that was a joke

22:02:05 [Bill] don't worry Rob... it is a minor point

22:02:45 [RobMorton] oh well, back to the wine

22:02:58 [Bill] yes, more wine

22:03:10 [Bill] for everyone... I'm buying

22:03:26 [Lynne] Im at the office - have one for me

22:03:38 [Bill] drink up everybody

22:03:47 [JamesYoung] a virtual wine tasting. I find the first one to be presumptuous without a trace of guilt

22:03:55 [Bill] at the office..... Saturday night....? hmmmmm, what is wrong with this picture?

22:04:13 [Lynne] a pretentious little wine?

22:04:53 [Lynne] I 'lived' here during the refi boom.

22:05:25 [Bill] I have an office...but work mostly from home

22:06:16 [JamesYoung] I'm in the office, especially since my personal PC is in tulsa. I also live in the hotel while the temporary task force goes on.

22:06:49 [RobMorton] Bill, do you know anything about gary harkreader?

22:06:58 [Bill] I think I need a financial tast force of my own

22:07:13 [Bill] I haven't seen Gary in a few years....

22:07:33 [Bill] as far as I know, he has not registered on the website...

22:08:04 [RobMorton] i guess he's still in tulsa

22:08:45 [Bill] I believe he still owns a mini-storage facility near 51st and Harvard, among some other real estate holdings, I think he has done very well with it... I hope he will attend, I would like to see him

22:09:26 [JamesYoung] Lady and gentlemen, I must go run some errands. I'll try to join the chat on 9/9 but, if not, then I'll see you on the 12th.

22:09:45 [Bill] check back James...

22:09:50 [Lynne] Good night - sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the conversation.

22:09:54 JamesYoung exits from this room

22:09:58 [RobMorton] great to talk to you, Jim. look forward to seeing you in sep

22:10:05 [Bill] perhaps we will schedule something sooner as has been suggested

22:10:05 [Lynne] Will also try for the 9th.

22:10:19 [Bill] the closer we get to the reunion, maybe we should

22:10:37 [Bill] okay, I think I will call it a night as well...it's been fun

22:11:05 [RobMorton] thanks again, bill for all you're doing with this. good night

22:11:13 [Lynne] weekly chat till then? With an email notice? Good idea and good night.

22:11:16 [Bill] was the calandar.... we will post it or I will ask Karen to send an email announcement

22:11:19 Lynne exits from this room

22:11:22 [Bill] thank you rob

22:11:29 [Bill] night

22:11:31 Bill exits from this room

22:11:40 RobMorton exits from this room

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